February 9, 2017

Profile Page 2.0

Two weeks ago I published my Profile Page. Since then some changes were made, that I think are worth sharing.

First of all, blog changes. As I have now profile page I don't need to keep same stuff here, so blog design has been simplified: pages with extensions and the right panel with some weird stuff has been removed to give more space to post content. I think I will make some more design changes in the near future.

Second big stuff: both FireFox extensions URL&p and JIRA Issue Opener has been finally refactored and redesigned. So now they are in consistancy with Chrome extensions and should properly work with final FireFox versions.

After reading an article An opinionated guide to writing developer resumes in 2017 I decided to remove skill progress bars from the page and CV. Now there are two sections of Strong and Knowledgeable technical skills. Also short descriptions of previous experience has been added to CV.

One more modern thing that I have completely forgotten about is page sharing in social media. So this time I added some meta tags to help Facebook and other medias better share my page. Good article about sharing: A Guide to Sharing for Webmasters.

At last, I have encoutered interesting fact: fixing general and fundamental architecture things automatically fixes several small bugs. Of course, I knew it before, but I have never experienced it personally. For example, I am a fan of SVG pictures, but in Microsoft Edge they looked strange. I didn't pay much attention to this compatability bug, but at some point I started to optimize pictures for web. And it turned out, that you should never use text as a picture. If you have only text you should use HTML+CSS (and almost always it's possible to get the same result as with picture). So I migrated all headers in profile section from pictures to text and the Edge problem was automatically fixed.

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