January 29, 2017

Profile Page with HTML5 and CSS3

I decided to learn about new web technologies, so I have a plan to build a few small projects. Basics first - profile page from scratch (without any CMS-s and templates) -

All the source code of the page and description about used technologies can be found in GitLab repo

Shortly: HTML5+CSS3 (and a little bit of AngularJS to show last 3 posts from this blog). New challenges for me were responsive design (which turned to be not so hard as I thought), SEO and performance (images and fonts optimization, SVG, content optimization etc).

Also I tried to use new Git manager GitLab and I love it! GitLab, unlike GitHub, allows to create private repos for free. Also there are a lot of free build in functionality like milestones, issues, Kanban board, continues integration, hosting the page etc. I'm not only host this new profile page there, but I migrated all my extensions and scripts from GitHub. Speaking of extensions, I redesigned them all (actualy, only Chrome ones for now), so they should be more fresh and modern now. GitLab has one downside: UI is a litle bit slow and continues integration sometimes pending the changes for an hour (but not too often).

If you are interested in details about used tehnologies and resources - see README file in the repo. There are some links on articles that being used in the process.

Some surprises during this experience:

P.S. The day I was planned to publish the page and this post I've got a subscription email with the article An opinionated guide to writing developer resumes in 2017. A lot of things in my CV are incorrect and I plan to change it in the near future.


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