February 11, 2017

Automatic W3C Validation Using YAML Conf in GitLab Continues Integration

As I already wrote I host my Profile Page on GitLab and use Runner to deploy the code. Runner is quite powerful tool, than can be managed with YAML .gitlab-ci.yml conf file.

Basically, it means that after every commit some automatic actions happen (well, actually, not on every commit, depends on how you configure it). In my case .gitlab-ci.yml looks like this:

It means that after I commit something into master branch it performs deploy stage (script and test stage (script Both scripts are my own custom sripts and in this post I want to talk about the second one – W3C validation of HTML file.

You can find the script content in my repo: The good thing is that W3C has public API for validating some URL. So all I need is just requesting this API with URL of my page as an input parameter. And that's the reason why I perform the test stage after the deploy stage: new changes need to be published to check them. Also, W3C errors are not verty critical, so I dond't want to fail the whole deploy because of them.

It looks like a very simple thing (it actually is), but it took a time for me to configure this validation (as I was not very familiar with YAML), so I decided to leave some notes here.

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