March 12, 2017

Secure Logging Training by Clarified Security

This is my second training in Clarified Security, first one was Web Application Security. This one is shorter – only one day, – and trainer was Mait Peekma.

The most useful part for me was about what and how to log, but unfortunately it was the shortest one. As always, logging depends on the context of your application, so the only thing that public training can give you is the understanding of attacker's logic (like log evasion and tampering) and the sense of importance of logs in software security – both these things were done good.

In summary, good training to start. If you participated at Web Application Security before, then you already know some things, but in Secure Logging they were expanded. Also I had a chance to perform some attacks that I have heard about, but never succeed to do them by my self. I suggest it for those who should deal with incidents or just care about security.

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