June 6, 2014

Nordic Testing Days 2014 Day 2: Conference

It is the end of second day of the Nordic Testing Days, so it's time to write a review about it.

First keynote was Testing in The Automation Age by Jevgeni Kabanov. I liked it - it was perfect talk for keynote genre and he sticks to the topic, what is rarity in conferences.
I liked thought that the only way to make other people worry about quality is to show them their failures and being sure that they are aware of them.

Founder of ZeroTurnaround talks about XRebel

New Adventures in Security Testing by Dan Billing
I liked very much. I'd say that this is the most useful track of this first day of conference. It gives very practical and concrete tips about how to getting your toes wet in the ocean of security testing.
It was surprise that speaker use Microsoft build in solutions as antivirus.

How we test a hundred projects every month by Raul Mäesalu
I didn't like it. It was too general and didn't give any interesting details.

Drawing To Learn by Ruud Cox
The first part about Picaso sketches and chair design was really good, but the whole talk was confusing: generally it's not bad, but it didn't fit the conference genre.
I liked phrase that Jame Hayon wanted to create a chair that is visually comfortable.

Testing Your Emotions - and how you can apply some personal leadership to keep them under control by Stephen Janaway
Like! Very charming speaker, uncommon topic, new perspectives - very descent talk.

The life of a pragmatic tester - the best of two worlds by Gitte Ottosen
Didn't like - too general, again.

And the final keynote - On Complete Testing by Matt Heusser & Pete Walen
Rather liked than not liked. It was sad that they didn't manage to plan the time, so they didn't properly covered and summarized the topic. But all things that they said were interesting.
Interesting idea: it's always possible that there are hidden boundaries in the source code that you are not aware about.

But unofficial part of the conference is what I liked the most.
For example, during the coffee breaks it was possible to see your name from other perspective:

These glasses are turning image from upside down
It is really hard to write your name in a way to see it properly in these glasses. At some point your brain just stuck and doesn't understand where you should move your hand - quite interesting experience. So this is my name IRINA written in these glasses:

I liked the cocktail made specially for Nordic Testing Days - critical fix, which is red and which you should drink as fast as possible. And barman did some crazy barman-stuff with bottles and glasses. Brilliant idea.

And of course the most important part of these events are people - in this part this conference is probably the best of all where I have been attended before.

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