June 7, 2014

Nordic Testing Days 2014 Day 3: Conference

The final 3rd day of Nordic Testing Days is over, so here is a post about it.

Software errors as the founding pillar of the modern society by Anto Veldre

Not bad for the keynote. Maybe presentation itself was not good enough, but there were some interesting ideas.
Phrase of the presentation - if you have geekness and know that there is a bug, then you find it... even if there isn't one.

Good Testers Are Often Lucky - Using Serendipity in Software Testing by Rikard Edgren

On the slides is testing potato
I liked it very-very much. I was thinking about this topic awhile by myself and was really interesting to hear other thoughts about it. Amazing how speaker found so specific and technical words for so abstract and theoretical stuff. And he has even suggested steps to increase serendipity.

How testing saves lives by Tarvo Raudvere

It was good overview of testing software that is connected with hardware (elevators). Not general and very specific.

Beautiful code - a good tester should explore the repository! by Valdo Purde and Terry London

In the slide tester is on the left
At the beginning speakers told some tips about good code (generally uncle Bob's philosophy about clean code), bu actually it was workshop where we were writing unit tests for java code. I know unit testing on this stage, so it was not useful for me.

Stepping Up to Leadership: Test Leadership Lessons from Harry Potter by Pete Walen

Very good talk - best of the day. Very inspiring and motivating. I wish it was at the beginning of the conference, not at the end.

The undeniable value in curiosity, collaboration and contribution by Iris Classon

Good talk for keynote, wish to hear more. Liked the idea, that opportunities of two people A and B makes A U B.

Nordic Testing Days team

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