May 27, 2016

Web Application Security Training by Clarified Security

You shouldn't find any EXIF data in this picture.

I've participated in the Web Application Security Training by Elar Lang from Clarified Security. It's very detailed and thorough hands-on 4 days training for web programmers, testers and all people, that are related to web development.

As for me, it's must-do for all web developers and testers. If you look at the content (especially client-side part), then it may seem to be too general and basic, but actually these well known things are explained in a quite deep and advanced level.

Organization is really nice feature of this training: first we had 2 days of client-side part and next week 2 days of server-side part, so between them I had 3 working days to work through client-side attacks on my application. Also, there can be maximum 12 participants, which makes the treaining more individual.

In summary – I really recommend it to people, who thinks that their software is safe or that there is nothing to wory about even if it's not.

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