June 7, 2016

Script for Sending E-mails About Certain JIRA Issues

"Still life with various Unix shells" by Bartholomeus van der Ast (source)

Recently I wrote a new Bash script, that can be useful for others.

It sends e-mail when some specific JIRA JQL query returns any result. You can create any JQL query you want: return issues that were created in specific project, return issues that were commented by some specific user, return issues where status was changed etc. Probably you want to limit the query by period to monitor only recent changes. This period can be the same as the frequency of the e-mail sending. For example, if you want to check this filter every 10 minutes, then you can check changes in last 10 minutes.

To implement this script you need to define following variables in the code:
$jiraUrl – URL of your JIRA
$filter – JQL query, encoded for URL (you can use some online URL encouder/decoder)
$user – JIRA username
$password – JIRA password (authentication is very primitive and not safe, but you can use some general credentials or keep the script file in safe place)
$to – e-mail where notification should be sent
$from – e-mail from whom notification should be sent (could be the same as to)
$subject – subject of the e-mail

Automatic running can be configured with crontab – read post 10 Mac OS X Terminal Commands for Testers for details.

The most complex part is to write a propper JQL query that returns exactly what you want. You can use Advanced searching documentation for complex queries or ask an advice in Atlassian Answers.

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