July 31, 2015

Presentation in DevClub About Biases in Testing

Recently I did presentation about biases in testing in Tallinn DevClub. You can guess, that DevClub stands for developer's club, so target audience was developers.

DevClub is pretty nice community of developers in Tallinn, which organize small meetings every month. Usually meetings are held in the evening (so every developer can attend after work) and there are 3 speakers in one evening. Most of the topics are technical about software development, but there are also abstract topics about photography or beer, for example. Before me Anton Karputkin talked about quantum computers and after me Alek Aldzanov talked about storage of picture files for sales service.

My slides are available on Slideshare. They are mainly in Russian (as the whole presentation was in Russian), but some of them have English translations. Actually, they don't have much text at all, because biases are not very illustrative things.

DevClub is recoding all sessions, so video is also available:

The presentation was mainly build on John Stevenson's book The Psychology of Software #Testing, that has a chapter about biases. I have already wrote the post about how I liked this book and I have also wrote the post about John Setevenson's workshop on Let's Test, where my main takeaway was "if you want to learn something try to write about it or teach it". So these 2 facts were the main reasons why I have chosen this topic and why I decided to do presentation at all.

I am not going to write about presentation's details – I'll write only one thing, that would be great to change next time: people want to hear about personal experience in details. I had some examples, but they were too abstract and general. So next time I try to add very concrete situations.

Surely it was very positive experience, the main surprise was that after presentation people started to share with me some interesting examples of biases.

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