May 28, 2014

Testing In History: Part II - Functionality Testing

Here is second set of historical videos about testing. The first part was about stress testing, this part is about functionality testing.

The most interesting is the first one about the carpet. They actually tested a carpet with the whole street in San Francisco! I have doubts about is it a functionality or stress testing - haven't decided yet.

British Pathe doesn't have normal embedding system, so all links will be opened in their website.

Carpet Tested In Gold Street (1962), 00:59

Telephone Tests (1953), 01:28

Splitting Hairs (1949), 01:15

Cigarette Testing (1949), 00:42

Gun Proofing (1951), 02:22

Petrol Tests (1952), 01:56

Mirror Velvet (1954), 01:09

Testing Bowls (1952), 00:46

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