May 25, 2014

Testing In History: Part I - Stress Testing

British Pathe put an enormous archive of historic clips into internet - First thing that I've searched there was "testing" and got 57 pages of clips (2834 results). I've watched first 10 pages and here are some interesting clips about some kind of stress testing.

They don't have normal embedding system, so all links will be opened in British Pathe website.

Toy Testing (1951), 02:02

– [Charlie] calls it a compressive stress test or something around that.

Army Clothing Tests (1950), 01:03

Bus Tilt Tests (1949), 02:37

They call it stability test. Notice how bravely chef tester steps into bus.

Testing Safety Glass (1950), 02:50

Notice how real first situation is - almost a movie.

Fabric Tests (1957), 02:53

I liked the machine for measuring how hard you can wear a fabric.

British Made - Testing Army Motocycles (1915), 02:37

Science Behind The car (1950-1959), 09:55

– And now the question - will she starts?

Bed Testers (1960), 01:48

Furniture Research (1953), 01:22

A Tragic Test (1931), 01:08

And the final unsuccessful one.

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