December 7, 2013

MobileMonday Estonia

MobileMonday [Estonia] - great events about mobile with free wine and beer (and cider). First part consists of presentations and second part is informal discussions and conversations. I have been on 2 last events and want to write some "quotes" (not accurate) here from the very last meeting (2 december 2013).

Internet Of Things
* Arduino crashes. If it doesn't crash - it burns (Steve Perkson Java engineer by day (Reach-U))
* With all these technologies is fun to play, but it's hard to use them for real (Paul Guermonprez from Intel Software Academic Program)
* You expect to have a bug in software, but you don't expect to have bugs in hardware (Jüri Tarkpea - Chief Technologist @ Oskando)

Picture of me: photographer said "I want a picture of girl holding a Raspberry Pi board"
Internet of Things

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