December 21, 2013

Arduino LeoStick

On the Microsoft TechDays 2013 in Tallinn I heard about Rubber Ducky - a USB device that simulates a keyboard and which you can use for penetration testing. I really wanted to buy this device, but it was too expensive - 36.99$ the cheapest device + 65.14$ shipping to Estonia = 102,13$.

On MobileMonday in Tartu I heard about Arduino and Raspberry Pi and their capabilities and thought that I can use them for building my own Rubbery Ducky. And I've found a LeoStick on!

LeoStick cost is 29.95$ + shipping to Estonia 11.00$ = 40.95$, which is more than 2 times cheaper, than Rubber Ducky. By the way, the shipping is quick - on 10th December I made an order and got the LeoStick on 19th December.

The sends manuals and instructions with Arduino boards, which is very nice.

"Getting started" page was really helpful for me, who encountered with Arduino for the first time:

Also Arduino web page has very detailed manuals with examples about libraries. For example Mouse and Keyboard libraries, that I need for Rubber Ducky device.

And here is my first Hello World software, that prints "Hello world!" in editor with 5 sec delay:

Next goal is to write a script for white hacking at work.

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