August 22, 2017

Beautiful Mac OS Terminal

This post is about making your Terminal window beautiful and easy to use. I use all of them on Mac OS, I guess they are compatible with all UNIX systems.

1. HTTPie for working with HTTP requests

This tool can be used instead of cURL. It just makes responses beautiful (but it's quite powerfull tho):

2. Oh My Git for working with GIT repositories

This tool prints information about Git repo status: branch which you are currently using, number of unpushed commits, tags, untracked files etc. Official readme has a lot of screenshots:

3. ~/.bash_profile for configuring prompt

I configured my promp according to this article, so in my ~/.bash-profile file I have the folloring part:

Which makes prompt look like this:

4. ~/.vimrc for configuring Vim

If you already use Vim - read A Good Vimrc. If not - see Vim isn’t that scary. Here are 5 free resources you can use to learn it.

Here is my ~/.vimrc file:

5. ~/.bash_aliases for quick commands

I have already wrote about aliases that I use here, here and here, but as I already mentioned Git here, I want to share one more alias I have:

It transforms git log output into something like this:


  1. In this regard, it's always good to remember Oh-My-Zsh

    1. Thx! I'v heard about it, but currently I use bash, not zsh.

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