May 21, 2015

The Beatles Stencil "All You Need Is Test"

Recently I participated in stencil workshop. For those, who don't know what stencil is, there is Wikipedia article Stencil Graffiti.

First of all, I needed to choose the picture, that I want to make. I had following requirements: it should be easy to make (as I had only one evening and no experience), it should be about testing (as I wanted to put this picture on my work space wall), it should be legendary, it should be funny.

A week after workshop I had vacation in England, so somehow The Beatles were natural choice for me. In addition, they are also known as Beetles (=bugs) and you can find suitable quote in their songs for all kind of situations. So I decided to make a picture with text "All You Need Is Test" with their outlines.

Third version was chosen. Next step is to print picture on 6 A4 pages (size of my canvas), put them together with tape and start to cut areas that need to be painted:

Cutting is the most hard thing in the whole process. Especially, cutting small details, as Lennon's eye or McCartney's nose.

Fully cut template gives a lot of satisfaction:

Now you need to choose colors (also not easy part).

Finally, you need to put colors on canvas, using the template. It's the second hard part, where experience is very useful. You need to put right amount of paint (to avoid smudges) and you need to put right color into right cell, avoiding mixing the colors.

It's possible to put many layers on one canvas (so you need different cut templates for every layer), but my work had only one layer.

The result is on the top picture (that picture is on my work space wall now). But the colored template itself is also cool:

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