October 20, 2014

The Cartoon Tester Vol. I by Andy Glover

The Cartoon Tester – pretty good book of Andy Glover's cartoons about software testing. All cartoons can be found in his blog, but book is cooler: more organized and more pleasant to read.

"I've checked every square foot in this house. I can confidently say there are no mice here."

Making fun of serious things is always healthy and good for the field, so I am glad, that there exists such book about testing. Sad, that there is no paperback version – it would be a great gift for tester.

It's very nice to have this book on my e-reader, so I can always read/see some comics when I don't have much time for reading, but need to somehow entertain myself.

"Look! They've got it all wrong. Mice can get into the house in many ways. Through windows, drains, the cellar, need I go on?"

You can buy book at LeanPub or Amazon, download free sample there or read comics at Andy Glover's blog Cartoon Tester.


  1. Hi Irina, thank you for the review, glad to hear you like the book. I plan to make it into a paperback version... more news soon.

    1. Great news! Looking forward for the paperback version.