April 18, 2014

To Worry About All Things

Three problems that need to be worried about in the context of other problems.

A couple years ago, being a junior specialist, I was involved in resolving one big problem with senior analytic and senior developer. And I remember very clearly our talk with analytic:
[A] We should think about this.
[Me] Developer is fixing it now.
[A] OK, we also should resolve that thing.
[Me] Developer has already fixed it.
[A] Good. Also we need to figure out how to resolve this issue.
[Me] Developer already has some plan about it.
[A] Good. That's what I call senior developer.

And at moment I understood what does it mean to be a good at your work - it means to worry about big picture and see all things that are connected to your area, even if you are not required to worry about it.

Even today I think about it from time to time - it helps me to find time for stepping back and try to see a big picture. It is much easier to see picture than to find time for that, and remembering this dialogue is a very good trigger for me (because I also want the other senior analytics and developers talk about me "that's what I call good tester").

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