January 15, 2014

Quietnet - Spy Chat

Very interesting repo in GitHub - quietnet.
Simple chat program using near ultrasonic frequencies. Works without Wifi or Bluetooth and won't show up in a pcap.
So basically there is 2 scripts and You can send ASCII messages, transforms it into (near) ultrasonic sound and listener transforms it back into ASCII message.
With MacBook Pro native speakers it didn't work. But with microlab external speakers works pretty well (sender on the left and listener on the right):
As You can see, not all messages works perfectly: first 2 messages were not successfully sent, third is misspelled. But all others are transported perfectly!
Software does not have any practical profit (and the distance between sender and listener is limited by speakers volume and microphone sensitivity), but it very interesting to play with it.


  1. Good to see it's working. As for me, it didn't work out. and is working, I verified it through tweaking the frequency until i'm able to hear signal. But no luck on sending message between and


  2. Saw Teck Rul, maybe your speakers are not good enough for ultrasonic frequencies?