January 11, 2014

+iD - The World’s Smallest ID Card Reader

At the beginning of the year Estonian media announced the launch of startup - compact and stylish Smart Card reader (Estonian startup launches a compact and stylish Smart Card reader).
In Estonia most people have ID smart cards, which we are using for making bank transactions, on-line identifications etc (you can read about it on, so I immediately wanted to buy it, because I love compact and simple things. And I bought it on official site for 29€.
First impression - nice. Smart card reader works perfectly on Windows 7 and on Mac OS 10.9.1, truly simple and compact design.
But then I tried microSD card reader and it didn't work neither on Windows nor on Mac OS - both OS's just didn't see the card. I tried everything but could't make it work. So I wrote to the tech support on Friday night and they answered me on Saturday morning (which is very cool), that I need to try push the microSD harder. And I tried with all my strength and it works!
So, +iD has all advantages which are called in the advertisement - compact, small, stylish, - but it has some disadvantages too, which are:
  • microSD card is sitting in the nest not very good - often contact is lost
  • blue light indicator is too near to the USB contacts, so if you push the reader to the end you can't see the light:

    Light indicator on Dell

    Light indicator on MacBook Pro
  • you can't use +iD if the nearby USB uses some other device:

But I am very satisfied with +iD. Media says - The product itself was invented by Martin Lazarev who travels a lot. For traveling it's truly perfect device!

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