October 29, 2011

Short Summaries Of James Bach

Here are some notes, which I wrote down during the Rapid Software Testing course by James Bach. These are not the quotations and exact words of James Bach - these are short summaries of his speech.

* Tester proofs that it can work, not that it will work. Tester can only say, that it worked so far, not that it will work in the future.

* Tester don't brake the software, because it is already broken. Tester is just "lightning" the bugs.

* People will find more problems if they have less information.

* If you need to test something with data, then the data should move and go through all possible paths.

* All good formal testing is based on the informal testing.

* Test integrity - are you sure you did testing that you wanted to do and the way you are talking about it?

* If you don't need document template, then you can have it. If you do need - then you can't have it.

* Documentation should not be completely understandable for the outsiders. There are details, that should know only the insiders and there is no need to describe them completely.

* Test automation and documentation takes more and more time, so you do not actually have time to test.

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