September 7, 2016

Checking Deployments on Tomcat Server Without Web Manager

In some cases Tomcat web manager is disabled (for example, in production for security reasons). Then the only way to see deployments and their statuses is to use Tomcat API. To list deployed applications you may do following request:
And you will get something like this:
The problem is that if you have a lot of applications such output is not very easy to read – you can't say is there any stopped applications without reading all rows. For that case you can use awk to color the output, which is much more informative:
The next problem is that awk command is quite long and you don't want to type something like this every time:
curl http://localhost:8080/manager/text/list | sort | grep ^/ | awk '{ gsub("running", "\033[32m&\033[0m"); gsub("stopped", "\033[31m&\033[0m"); gsub("\\:[0-9]+", "\033[34m&\033[0m"); gsub("^/.+:", "\033[36m&\033[0m"); gsub("[0-9]+$", "\033[33m&\033[0m"); print }'
So you can use a script, that returns you colorful list of deployments without typing any URLs and regexps:

There is one other case, when script is even more convinient than web manager – if your environment is running on many servers and clusters (like production, again). In that case script can show information about all clusters and servers on one page:
I have separate script for that, but it's possible to merge them into one file or modify it to work with parameters (for example, give a manager URL as a parameter).

All scripts are available in my GitLab repo and don't forget about aliases!

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