September 3, 2014

New Chrome Extension fisheyeGraph v1.0

I use FishEye at work to track and search code changes. And my most favorite page there is Commit Graph. In our project we use a lot of different repositories (I have 4 pages of them), so usually finding right repo takes more time, than I want.

That's why I made a simple Chrome extension fisheyeGraph, which opens Commit Graph of required repo in new tab – you need only to insert key word of repo (which you need to specify in Options):

You can read details about it on new page – Chrome Extension fisheyeGraph v1.0 and find source code on GitLab.

In next version I am planning to do autocomplete (it's actually already done, but I can't make work JQuery in extension).

For me this extension saves 30 seconds on each repo opening – some of the pages, that I need to open in order to get to Commit Graphs by hands are heavy – using extension I just skip them.

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