September 12, 2014

JIRA Issue Opener v1.0

In our project we use JIRA. And sometimes someone in our team doesn't send link to issue, but sends only its key (I don't know why). So I wanted to somehow simplify JIRA issue opening process with its key.

I found 3 existing Chrome extensions that cat do that, but they had their own cons:
  • JIRA assistant for Google Chrome
    First of all – it's too complicated. There is a lot of functionality that I don't need. For example, you need to insert not only URL of your JIRA, but also username and password (I don't want to save that info in extension). It also makes address bar in your browser into JIRA console after typing "jira " – I can't use searching because of that (when I want to google something about JIRA I start with "jira..."). And finally, there is no autofocus in field where I can insert key, so I need to do one extra click.
  • SearchInJIRA
    Simple, nice (design is very similar to mine), but I didn't understand what king of URL you need to insert into Options. Some magic URL of the JIRA search – I don't know that one.
  • GoToJIRA
    Again simple and nice. And again, problem with the URL. In the Options you need to insert URL/browse/KEY-OF-THE-PROJECT (and into extension field you need to insert only final number), which makes impossible to use extension, when you have many projects.

So I did one more extension which simply opens issue in new tab, using your key – JIRA Issue Opener.

You can read details about it on page JIRA Issue Opener v1.0 and find source code on GitLab.

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