May 7, 2014

XRebel - Revolution in Exploratory Testing

In April Estonian company ZeroTurnaround (authors of JRebel) releases beta version of XRebel. I think it's the most useful tool for testing that I ever had!

XRebel is a -javaagent JVM plugin, that shows you 3 types of data (at least, for now): exceptions, session data and SQL queries. First one is easy - it shows exceptions that were thrown by your application (even if they are not visible in GUI). Session data (attribute name, value, value size, value size difference compared to the previous state of the session) - OK, maybe for someone it is useful.

But the last one - SQL queries - is magic. It shows all SQL queries with parameters that application does in a session. And it shows not only SELECT queries, but also calls for functions (call some_package.function(null, 'some parameter', 13, 'en', null)).
Possibility to see queries with real time parameters without digging a code makes testing way more faster, easier and more complete (sometimes it's not possible to control all conditions, but now you can see them). I think this tool is revolutionary for exploratory testing - now you are able to understand the flow of data with exploring application, not code.

I have 13 SQL queries in session that were executed in 586ms (you can see queries by clicking on the icon);

Total size of session is 887.7 KiB, difference compared to the precious state is +14.3 KiB;

0 exceptions;

Send feedback (it's possible to send log file);


Some nice points that are not related to the functionality:
  • very easy installation - you should just download XRebel and include it't path into JVM startup arguments
  • fast feedback - you can send questions, suggestions, bugs to ZT about XRebel and they answer very fast, which is nice
  • daily updates - there are available two builds: stable version and nightly build (which updates every day), so they improve tool very fast

You can't simply download it yet, but you can request a private beta invite and if you are lucky - can use beta version for free for one month.

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