March 18, 2014

stringG v3.1

New version of String Generator with new name stringG is available!
Working with string generatorWorking with length calculator

So main new functionality is disabling not active part as You can see on pictures. When You focusing on string generating the bottom part of length calculation is shadowed. And vice versa - if You focusing on bottom part of length calculation the top part is shadowed.

One more big change - new name. Reason is simple: String Generator is too long and I believe that good name is a short one, so stringG it is.

I've already wrote previously about using LeanKit software for organizing stringG (and spanD) projects. They give full Portfolio edition free of charge for first 30 days. So meanwhile my free Portfolio edition has expired and now I am using the Basic level. I was afraid, that I'll loose a lot of good functionality, but actually I haven't lost anything - the Basic level gives all what I need for such small projects. So, if You need a tool for organizing Your tasks - LeanKit is a really good candidate.

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