November 16, 2013

String Generator v2.0

Today client sent an error:
ORA-12899: value too large for column "CONTACT"
(actual:51, maximum:50)

So the CONTACT field in the base is VARCHAR2(50) and user is trying to save a value of 51 characters in it. But we have a validation for HTML field, so user can't insert more than 50 characters.

The thing is that user inserted umlaut characters (such as äöüõ) which takes more than 1 byte. Datatype VARCHAR2(50) means that it can store 50 bytes and with umlauts it means less than 50 characters. So to find this bug (in this case datatype should be VARCHAR2(50 CHAR)) I needed to test field with characters than takes more than 1 byte.

So I made a new version of String Generator 2.0 extension, which can now generate text string with umlauts:

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