July 19, 2013

"IAmA former identity thief, credit card fraudster..." @reddit

I have heard many complimentary mentions about, but as for me the percentage of really good info is too small.
However I found there a quite interesting IAmA post "IAmA former identity thief, credit card fraudster, blackhat hacker, document forger. AMA" by driverdan. For those who are not familiar with this subreddit I mention, that administrators require a proof that author is actually person who he claims to be, which makes info in this posts a little more truthful.

So, credit card fraudster (post is actually about credit cards, not about blackhat hackers) is answering any questions. I also mention that this post (and answers) were taken about a year ago, but for me they are still interesting.

Here is a video of Dan DeFelippi (driverdan himself) talking about credit card frauds:

And here You can read some screenshots of the most interesting parts (some of them are being told in video). Note, that the answer of the author is highlighted by blue nick background.



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