May 1, 2013

String Generator v0.1

As a web tester I have encountered many times with the following case (all numbers are given as an example):
The maximum length of the input field should be 50 characters. The database table column is 30 symbols. The input field actually allows to insert 500 characters.
So if the user inserts...
<= 30 symbols - it's OK.
> 50 symbols - page controls gives a message, that there is allowed only 50 symbols.
Between 31 and 50 - exception.

So, to test input fields I need to generate string with the certain length. The easiest way is to have tool that can do that. The most convenient way - to have a browser extension.

I started to look a Chrome extension, that can do that. But only tools that I could find were so called Lorem Ipsum generators. They are not suitable for me, because there is possible to specify only number of paragraphs or words, not symbols. So I decided to write my own extension, anyway, the functionality is very simple.

So, I did my first Chrome extension, which You can download in the Chrome webstore, free of charge - String Generator.

The main idea was to create a tool, where I can generate a string with minimum of clicks and buttons. So You can just open an extension, insert the number of symbols (the focus is automatically on the right field), press Enter key (there is no any buttons) and the string is generated and automatically selected, so now You can just press Ctrl+C and paste the data to your input field. So..
Icon -> insert number -> Enter -> Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V

There are plans to make an update in the near future, so, stay tuned. Maybe I will write a little bit more about this extension and JavaScript in the next post.

Second case that can be easily tested with this extension.

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