September 30, 2012

The Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

The Six Thinking Hats (or parallel thinking) approach is so classic that everyone knows it. Or at least have heart about it. But I was surprised that not all of people who like principles of this approach have seen this presentation. In the video Edward de Bono is talking by himself about the parallel thinking approach and the talk is very interesting and easy to perceive.

Just in case, here is the short summary about colors:
  • White Hat Thinking focuses on data, facts, information known or needed.
  • Red Hat Thinking focuses on feelings, hunches, gut instinct, and intuition.
  • Yellow Hat Thinking focuses on values and benefits. Why something may work.
  • Black Hat Thinking focuses on difficulties, potential problems. Why something may not work.
  • Green Hat Thinking focuses on creativity: possibilities, alternatives, solutions, new ideas.
  • Blue Hat Thinking focuses on manage the thinking process, focus, next steps, action plans.

And here is the video presentation in 6 parts:

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