June 19, 2012

The Audience Is Important As The Presenter

Today I participated in the course "Security And Unit Testing" by Erki Männiste. And the thing is, that I have been participated in it for the second time: first time the audience was the testing team, second time - developing team. The course and presentetion were the same, but for now on I decided to participate only with developers, if it is possible.

Reason number 1: usually the one target group, are they testers or developers, asks the same questions. If I am tester, so I can ask 90% of the questions, that will be performed in the testers' audience and that are interresting and useful for me. So being in the developers' audience I can ask testers' questions and hear developers' - kill two birds with one stone.

Reason number 2: if the course is about testing area, that means, that developers asks questions from the nontester position - I can see, how nontesters understand the topic, which gives me wide-angle overview about it and helps to delve into it.

Reason number 3: type of developers' questions helps me to imporove the comunication with them. I can understand their logic and see problems, that they are interesting in.

Unreason: there is 10% (subjective evaluation) of the questions in the testers' audience, that can encrease my testing experience. Especially they are likely to be asked if there is presenting a really good test master in the audience.

But, in most cases, the same course with the developers is much more useful, than the same course with testers.

And here is Erki Männiste - QA specialist at Nortal - presenting this course for the testers' audience and showing some example:

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